Supporting creative collaboration through community.

Baana is a creative studio for exploring various formats of social and community engagement around art, design and food. In both concept and design, Baana aims to promote thoughtful approaches to gather, learn and engage that cultivate community and collaboration. 

Finnish noun
1. (slang) railway

Our space is situated at the intersection of multiple cable car rail lines, in lower Nob Hill. The name is a reference to the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. We found it fitting for our vision of this particular place we're creating where we hope to create many connections.


Christine Trac, Abacus Row

Christine is a jewelry designer with an academic foundation that focused on the implications of environmental conservation on local communities in SW China. From an early age, Christine learned to find balance in differences, to identify where things intersect, and how to create with limited resources. While a departure from her current work, Christine’s background in ethnography and conservation science influences how she sees the details in everyday routine and practices. She is inspired by both the natural ways in which things come together and the innovative approaches used to produce unexpected connections. Abacus Row is an on-going exploration of material and community intersections.


Maggie Spicer, WHISK

Maggie is a brand strategist, experiential producer, company culture specialist, guest experience designerand experiential marketer, with 10+ years cross-functional experience, specializing in verticals ranging from tech to media, finance, design, food, health and innovation. Maggie is a curiosity-driven adventure seeker, employing creativity and informed observation to evoke innovative solutions to complex challenges. 

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We’re excited about bringing others into our space and we are invigorated by collaborative efforts. We are committed to creating a space that encourages experimentation and cultivates community. Bring us your ideas, let’s start a conversation, and explore where our paths intersect. We would love to work together.

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In creating a space that would be flexible enough to work for a variety of projects we're planning for Baana over the next few years, we've created a space that will likely work for your intimate gathering as well. If you are in need of a space for your product launch, dinner gathering, cocktail party, photoshoot, corporate offsite or corporate retreat please feel free to reach out. Our space is available to rent on evenings and weekends, and on select weekdays. More information on our this can be found in our host section.